Completed Theses


Lea GIBITZ LAMBERT, The importance of urban greenspaces as biodiversity hotspots for montane birds in a Neotropical city: A case study from Cochabamba, Bolivia. e-theses

Marta KAROLAK, Quantifying predation pressure by ground dwelling ants in reforestation sites in the Golfo Dulce region of Costa Rica.

Samuel ORSCHLET, The role of arable landscapes as breeding sites for yellow wagtails (Motacilla f. flava) in the national park Neusiedler See-Seewinkel. e-theses

Ben ROCK, Insekten-Biomasse aus Malaise-Fallenfängen in verschiedenen Habitaten in Luxemburg.

Tamara SEIBERL, Effects of land use and landscape composition on species diversity – a case study in Texingtal.


Kerstin BAUMGARTNER, Untersuchung der Effektivität von Kotspürhunden beim Nachweis kleiner und großer Beutegreifer. e-theses

Fabian BARTUSEL, Possible change in species diversity and species composition of nocturnal Lepidoptera in the Danubian floodplain after over ten years. e-theses

Florian BAYER, Auswirkungen der Wiederherstellung der hydrologischen Konnektivität von March-Seitenarmen (Niederösterreich) auf Libellenzönosen. e-theses

Erika DEPISCH, Butterfly-flower networks in different grassland types in the National Park Neusiedler See / Seewinkel. e-theses

Johannes HAUSHARTER, Abundance-suitability relationships in tropical Odonata. e-theses

Jennifer Lisa INSUPP, Temporal species turnover in amphibian and reptile species assemblages: a comparison between forest and oil palm plantations. e-theses


Frederik AMANN, Ecological Analysis of a Declining Population of the penduline tit (remiz pendulinus) at Morava River in Eastern Austria. e-theses

Patrick BUHMANN, Effects of urbanization on abundance, morphology, body condition and ectoparasite load in small mammal species. e-theses

Stefanie JIROUT, Charakterisierung von Larvalhabitaten des Osterluzeifalter Zerynthia polyxena (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) in Wien. e-theses

Marlene Wiltraud KLISA, Charakterisierung von Brutplätzen des Mauerseglers (Apus apus) im ländlichen Raum im Rahmen eines Citizen-Science-Projektes im Landkreis Fulda. e-theses

Paulus LEIDINGER, Effects of different mesh sizes of mist nets on trapping efficiency of tropical understorey birds and implications for avian biodiversity studies. e-theses

Björn Erik MATTHIES, Ant assemblages of forest and grassland in a riverine landscape in Eastern Austria are differentially impacted by flood risk. e-theses

Felix MEYER, Ecomorphology of Odonata community in the southern Pacific lowlands of Costa Rica. e-theses

Katharina NEUGEBAUER, Darstellung von Natur- und Umweltschutz in aktuellen Bilderbüchern seit 2013 unter dem Aspekt der Dichotomie Natur - Kultur. e-thesis

Laura RENNER, Changes in population size and occurrence of the little bittern “Ixobrychus minutus” over a period of 25 years at water bodies embedded in the urbanized landscape of Vienna. e-theses


Caroline Verena FRAUNDORFER, Changes in bird assemblages along an elevational gradient in the Eastern Alps (National Park Gesäuse) between 2006 and 2016. e-theses

Katharina HUCHLER, Effects of weather on breeding phenology of urban Eurasian kestrels Falco tinnunculus. e-theses

Johanna Cristina KRECKÉ, Influence of grazing on Orthoptera on the flood protection embankment at the Donau-Auen National Park (Austria). e-theses

Romana NETZBERGER, Artenvielfalt und funktionelle Eigenschaften der Pflanzenwespen (Symphyta) im Nationalpark Gesäuse. e-theses

ernhard PACES, Trophic position determines the persistence of neotropical understory birds after forest disturbance. e-theses

Victor Sebastian SCHARNHORST, Ant community composition and functional traits in newly established grasslands within agricultural landscapes. e-theses

Randy Charles TEAL, A camera trapping study on the spatial distribution of terrestrial mammals within a human-dominated landscape in the Pacific lowlands of Costa Rica. e-theses

Britta UHL, How much are isolated relict forest reserves influenced by local and external factors? A case study on vegetation and moths in Northern Italy. e-theses

Mirko WÖLFLING, The status of a Mediterranean forest reserve (Pineta San Vitale, Ravenna) prone to degradation: A case study on moths. e-theses


Arwin KARAIAN, Ein Vergleich von alten und kürzlich etablierten Kolonien des Bienenfressers (Merops apiaster) in Ostösterreich: Landschaftsstruktur, Fütterungsrate und Bruterfolg. e-theses

Christoph KAULA, What habitat and landscape matrix variables affect the suitability of city parks for Red Squirrels? A case study from Vienna, Austria. e-theses

Barbara KOFLER, Evidence for seasonal changes in population structure of Reed Buntings (Emberiza schoeniclus) in the Lake Neusiedl Region: A stable-isotope approach. e-theses

Simon Kurt KOFLER, Use of conspecific attraction to influence the breeding habitat selection of the Whinchat (Saxicola rubetra). e-theses

Daniela KREBBER, Resource partitioning in frugivorous understory birds. e-theses

Julia PATERNO, A camera trapping study on medium-sized and large mammals, with a focus on predators of ground-breeding bird nests, across an elevational gradient in the Verwall Alps, Vorarlberg, Austria. e-theses

Stefanie Anna Maria RECHNITZER, Halophytes at soda pans in northern Burgenland under the influence of soil conditions and conservation management. e-theses

Janette SIEBERT, Effects of predation risk, human disturbance and reproductive status on vigilance behavior of Austrian Eurasian Curlews (Numenius arquata). e-theses

Martina WIESER, Testing methods of species delimitation with tiger moth samples from a diverse Neotropical lowland rainforest. e-theses


Philipp Markus NEUHOLD, Effects of sit-and-wait predators on the behaviour of flower-visiting hummingbirds. e-theses

Irene GIANORDOLI, Auswirkungen unterschiedlicher hydrologischer Konnektivität und Habitatausstattung von March-Seitenarmen (Niederösterreich) auf Artenreichtum und -zusammensetzung von Libellengemeinschaften. e-theses

Elia GUARIENTO, Ecology of the ant community on the alpine tree line ecotone. e-theses

Christian HOLZMANN, Alpha and beta diversity of scarab beetle assemblages (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae, Melolonthinae, Rutelinae, Scarabaeinae) of a tropical lowland forest in Costa Rica assessed by light trapping. e-theses

Christian HOLZMANN, Small-scale effects of topography on understory and canopy Orthoptera and Mantodea assemblages of a lowland rainforest in southwestern Costa Rica. e-theses

Karin PFEIFFER, Der Marchfeldkanal in Wien und Niederösterreich: die Bedeutung eines naturnah gestalteten Kanalsystems für Brutvögel. e-theses

Claudia SCHÜTZ, Effects of landscape structure and light pollution on diversity, occurrence and daily activity of wintering birds in urban environments. e-theses

Patrick STRUTZENBERGER, New perspectives on the evolution of Andean moths. e-theses

Julia WYHLIDAL, The importance of meadows for openland and forest edge bird species in the National Park Donau-Auen, Lower Austria. e-theses


Sarah DEGENHART, Structure of Odonata assemblages of streams and rivers in the Pacific lowlands of Costa Rica: The importance of habitat and landscape structure. e-theses

Barbara HÖNIGSBERGER, Wintering birds in floodplain forests – Effects of vegetation structure and landscape composition on species assemblages. e-theses

Ulrich NEUMÜLLER, Impact of inundation regime and meadow management on wild bee communities and bee-flower networks in the National Park Donau-Auen. e-theses

Isabell RIEDL, Gallery forests in the lowlands of Costa Rica: ecological traps or suitable breeding sites and dispersal corridors for forest birds? e-theses

Sophie Luise VÖLSGEN, Habitatansprüche des Braunkehlchens (Saxicola rubetra) in einer Tallandschaft in den nördlichen Kalkalpen (Steiermark) und daraus resultierende Empfehlungen für Schutzmaßnahmen. e-theses

Tina-Maria VORSTANDLECHNER, Effects of landscape structure on the prey composition of the Long‐eared Owl (Asio otus). e-theses

Barbara Magdalena WARINGER, Population density and habitat preferences of the Collared Flycatcher (Ficedula albicollis TEMMINCK, 1815) in floodplain forests – A case study from the Donau-Auen National Park, Lower Austria. e-theses

Natascha WILD, Spatio-temporal patterns of dragonfly occurrence on meadows in the national park Donau-Auen, Lower Austria. e-theses

Eva-Maria ZIMMERMANN, Frugivorous Noctuoidea in the Danube flood plain east of Vienna – guild structure and reproductive biology. e-theses