Abgeschlossene Arbeiten


Fabian Bartusel

Possible change in species diversity and species composition of nocturnal Lepidoptera in the Danubian floodplain after over ten years. e-theses

Erika Depisch

Butterfly-flower networks in different grassland types in the National Park Neusiedler See / Seewinkel. e-theses

Johannes Hausharter

Abundance-suitability relationships in tropical Odonata. e-theses

Jennifer Lisa Insupp

Temporal species turnover in amphibian and reptile species assemblages
a comparison between forest and oil palm plantations. e-theses


Frederik Amann

Ecological Analysis of a Declining Population of the penduline tit (remiz pendulinus) at Morava River in Eastern Austria. e-theses

Patrick Buhmann

Effects of urbanization on abundance, morphology, body condition and ectoparasite load in small mammal species. e-theses

Stefanie Jirout

Charakterisierung von Larvalhabitaten des Osterluzeifalter Zerynthia polyxena (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) in Wien. e-theses

Marlene Wiltraud Klisa

Charakterisierung von Brutplätzen des Mauerseglers (Apus apus) im ländlichen Raum im Rahmen eines Citizen-Science-Projektes im Landkreis Fulda. e-theses

Paulus Leidinger

Effects of different mesh sizes of mist nets on trapping efficiency of tropical understorey birds and implications for avian biodiversity studies. e-theses

Björn Erik Matthies

Ant assemblages of forest and grassland in a riverine landscape in Eastern Austria are differentially impacted by flood risk. e-theses

Felix Meyer

Ecomorphology of Odonata community in the southern Pacific lowlands of Costa Rica. e-theses

Katharina Neugebauer

Darstellung von Natur- und Umweltschutz in aktuellen Bilderbüchern seit 2013 unter dem Aspekt der Dichotomie Natur - Kultur. e-thesis


Caroline Verena Fraundorfer

Changes in bird assemblages along an elevational gradient in the Eastern Alps (National Park Gesäuse) between 2006 and 2016. e-theses

Katharina Huchler

Effects of weather on breeding phenology of urban Eurasian kestrels Falco tinnunculus. e-theses

Johanna Cristina Krecké

Influence of grazing on Orthoptera on the flood protection embankment at the Donau-Auen National Park (Austria). e-theses

Romana Netzberger

Artenvielfalt und funktionelle Eigenschaften der Pflanzenwespen (Symphyta) im Nationalpark Gesäuse. e-theses

Bernhard Paces

Trophic position determines the persistence of neotropical understory birds after forest disturbance. e-theses

Victor Sebastian Scharnhorst

Ant community composition and functional traits in newly established grasslands within agricultural landscapes. e-theses

Randy Charles Teal

A camera trapping study on the spatial distribution of terrestrial mammals within a human-dominated landscape in the Pacific lowlands of Costa Rica. e-theses

Britta Uhl

How much are isolated relict forest reserves influenced by local and external factors? A case study on vegetation and moths in Northern Italy. e-theses

Mirko Wölfling

The status of a Mediterranean forest reserve (Pineta San Vitale, Ravenna) prone to degradation: A case study on macro-moths. e-theses


Arwin Karaian

Ein Vergleich von alten und kürzlich etablierten Kolonien des Bienenfressers (Merops apiaster) in Ostösterreich. Landschaftsstruktur, Fütterungsrate und Bruterfolg. e-theses

Christoph Kaula

What habitat and landscape matrix variables affect the suitability of city parks for Red Squirrels? A case study from Vienna, Austria. e-theses

Barbara Kofler

Evidence for seasonal changes in population structure of Reed Buntings (Emberiza schoeniclus) in the Lake Neusiedl Region: a stable-isotope approach. e-theses

Simon Kurt Kofler

Use of conspecific attraction to influence the breeding habitat selection of the Whinchat (Saxicola rubetra). e-theses

Daniela Krebber

Resource partitioning in frugivorous understory birds. e-theses

Julia Paterno

A camera trapping study on medium-sized and large mammals, with a focus on predators of ground-breeding bird nests, across an elevational gradient in the Verwall Alps, Vorarlberg, Austria. e-theses

Stefanie Anna Maria Rechnitzer

Halophytes at soda pans in northern Burgenland under the influence of soil conditions and conservation management. e-theses

Janette Siebert

Effects of predation risk, human disturbance and reproductive status on vigilance behavior of Austrian Eurasian Curlews (Numenius arquata). e-theses

Martina Wieser

Testing methods of species delimitation with tiger moth samples from a diverse Neotropical lowland rainforest. e-theses


Philipp Markus Neuhold

Effects of sit-and-wait predators on the behaviour of flower-visiting hummingbirds. e-theses

Irene Gianordoli

Auswirkungen unterschiedlicher hydrologischer Konnektivität und Habitatausstattung von March-Seitenarmen (Niederösterreich) auf Artenreichtum und -zusammensetzung von Libellengemeinschaften. e-theses

Elia Guariento

Ecology of the ant community on the alpine tree line ecotone. e-theses

Christian Holzmann

Alpha and beta diversity of scarab beetle assemblages (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae, Melolonthinae, Rutelinae, Scarabaeinae) of a tropical lowland forest in Costa Rica assessed by light trapping. e-theses

Christian Holzmann

Small-scale effects of topography on understory and canopy Orthoptera and Mantodea assemblages of a lowland rainforest in southwestern Costa Rica. e-theses

Karin Pfeiffer

Der Marchfeldkanal in Wien und Niederösterreich: die Bedeutung eines naturnah gestalteten Kanalsystems für Brutvögel. e-theses

Claudia Schütz

Effects of landscape structure and light pollution on diversity, occurrence and daily activity of wintering birds in urban environments. e-theses

Patrick Strutzenberger

New perspectives on the evolution of Andean moths. e-theses

Julia Wyhlidal

The importance of meadows for openland and forest edge bird species in the National Park Donau-Auen, Lower Austria. e-theses


Sarah Degenhart

Structure of Odonata assemblages of streams and rivers in the Pacific lowlands of Costa Rica. e-theses

Barbara Hönigsberger

Wintering birds in floodplain forests – Effects of vegetation structure and landscape composition on species assemblages. e-theses

Ulrich Neumüller

Impact of inundation regime and meadow management on wild bee communities and bee-flower networks in the National Park Donau-Auen. e-theses

Isabell Riedl

Gallery forests in the lowlands of Costa Rica: ecological traps or suitable breeding sites and dispersal corridors for forest birds? e-theses

Sophie Luise Völsgen

Habitatansprüche des Braunkehlchens (Saxicola rubetra) in einer Tallandschaft in den nördlichen Kalkalpen (Steiermark) und daraus resultierende Empfehlungen für Schutzmaßnahmen. e-theses

Tina-Maria Vorstandlechner

Effects of landscape structure on the prey composition of the Long‐eared Owl (Asio otus). e-theses

Barbara Magdalena Waringer

Population density and habitat preferences of the Collared Flycatcher (Ficedula albicollis TEMMINCK, 1815) in floodplain forests – A case study from the Donau-Auen National Park, Lower Austria. e-theses

Natascha Wild

Spatio-temporal patterns of dragonfly occurrence on meadows in the national park Donau-Auen, Lower Austria. e-theses

Eva-Maria Zimmermann

Frugivorous Noctuoidea in the Danube flood plain east of Vienna – guild structure and reproductive biology. e-theses


Gabor Michael Wichmann

Scientific basis for implementation of Natura 2000 measures in Austria: case studies on aspects of habitat requirements, human disturbance and migration in birds. e-theses

Lilith Adrion

Martin Falk

Stefan Faßbender

Elisabeth Knapp

Teresa Knoll

Dominik Rabl

Paul Schmidt-Yáñez

Julia Stauder

Sven Winter

Effects of structural heterogeneity of floodplain forests and hydrological dynamic on bird assemblages: a case study from the Donau-Auen National Park (Eastern Austria). e-theses

Differences in species richness and composition of ground-dwelling ants between rain forest and plantation habitats around La Gamba (Costa Rica). e-theses

Effectiveness of constructions against feral pigeons and their accessibility for bats. e-theses

Seasonal patterns of food use of wild boar (Sus scrofa L.) in a Central European floodplain forest e-theses

Comparison of Bat Activity and Bat Communities in Montane Old-Growth and Managed Forests. e-theses

Small-scale topographic differences affect moth communities across three forest types in the Golfo Dulce region, SW Costa Rica. e-theses

Der Einfluss von Rubus Management auf Arthropoden Abundanz und Diversität in Scalesia Wäldern auf Santa Cruz, Galápagos.

Effects of topography on structure and composition of the understorey herpetofauna of a lowland rainforest in the Golfo Dulce Region, Costa Rica. e-theses

A molecular phylogeny and divergence times of the weevil tribe Apionini (Brentidae, Curculionoidea, Coleoptera). e-theses


Agnes Demetz

Claudia Michaela Gstöttl

Lisa Höcker

Markus-Leander Khil

Clara Leutgeb

Christina Nagl

Effects of floodplain dynamics on richness, abundance, composition and functional diversity of grasshopper assemblages in the Donau-Auen National Park (Austria). e-theses

Arealmodellierungen ausgewählter alpiner Pflanzenarten im Globalen Wandel. e-theses

Habitat use of bats in an urbanised landscape. e-theses

Important factors for predation of northern lapwing Vanellus vanellus nests in a central European lowland pasture system. e-theses

Does light pollution affect wild birds? e-theses

Population density and habitat preferences in a Tawny Owl Strix aluco population in floodplain forests in Eastern Austria. e-theses