Mirko Wölfling

My main interest of research is on diversity and distribution-patterns of macrolepidoptera in mediterranean coastal Pine- and Oakforests.

Pineta san Vitale is a part of the Parco regionale del Delta del Po close to the city Ravenna (Italy). The area is composed by pine- and oakforest, hygrophil forest, wetland and sandy pioneer corridors. Many influences like air-pollution, salinisation and climatic change are impact-factors on this parc.

In my research the focus is on four topics:

  • Analysing the macrolepidoptera as bioindicators of high trophy layer with respect of south-north-gradients in relation to the pollutions of the industry of Ravenna concerning a focus on feeding specialists, guilds and species compositions
  • Diversity and species compositions of Macrolepidoptera in Pineta san Vitale in great historical dimensions scrutinizing old museal collections (Venice, Bagna Cavallo, native private collections) starting in the 1930s in comparison with self sampled newer records from 1997 till today
  • Comparison of zoogeographic species compositions and diversity in small patches of different habitat-types in Pineta san Vitale
  • General extern influences on Pineta san Vitale and their consequences on flora and fauna (lepidoptera).

Other activities

  • Curator activity for Asisi F&E GmbH, Panoramaprojekt "Amazonien", "The Great Barrier Reef" and "A Paradise on Earth". Responsible for procurement of exhibits and scientiffical advice.
  • Building a high diverse zoological collection with actually >50.000 exhibits (Mamals, Birds, Arthropods, Gastropods etc.) for creation of a Virtual Museum of Natural History
  • Project Panometer Leipzig / Panoramaproject “3´59 Amazonas”. The Insect-Tower: A tower with the topic biodiversity in the accompanying exhibition